Centennial Circle

The purpose of the Centennial Circle is to support the 100th Anniversary Fund of the Junior League of Topeka. The Centennial Circle is comprised of Sustaining Members of the League that pledge to donate yearly through 2037, at which time the 100th Anniversary Fund will be used to make a substantial gift to our community. 

-Members of The Centennial Circle-

Inaugural Members joined during the 2023-2024 League Year

Liz Blakely   Haley Dave    Laine Hash   Linda Gwaltney   Marsha Sheahan   Charlotte Adair

Jane Schaible   Amber Carlson   Debbie Spees   Kate McMaster   Pam Ferrell   Pam Alexander 

Susan Garlinghouse    Julie Schloetzer    Cindy Giessel    Tracy Jepson    Kelsey Savage                         

Joanne Harrison     Marget LaRue    Janet Kerr





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