Community Volunteer Award

The Community Volunteer Award is awarded annually to outstanding volunteers in our community. Any new, active, or sustaining member of the Junior League of Topeka may submit a candidate.

Award Winners are given the opportunity to designate a donation to their charity, or charities, of choice from of the Junior League of Topeka in their name. These individuals have given selflessly of their time, hard work, and acts of kindness to our community and deserve to be recognized.

In 2023, we were proud to honor Greg Greenwood for his unwavering dedication and support to the Topeka Community and so many of our area non-profits, businesses, and organizations.

Nominations for the 2023-2024 Community Volunteer Award will be accepted in Spring 2024!

Past Recipients:







Greg Greenwood

Tara Dimick

2021 Melissa Brunner
2020 Patti Mellard 1985 Ann Garvin
2019 Glendon & Sara Wilhelm 1985 Balfour Jeffrey
2018 Marlou Wegener 1984 Dr. Quentin Groves
2016 Ken Scott 1984 Jane Morrissey
2015 Sue Edwards 1984 Mary Patterson
2014 Jude Quinn 1984 Phil Wallsmith
2013 Debra Clayton 1983 Adrian Apel
2012 Betty Lou Pardue 1983 Shirley Boatwright
2011 Charles Moore 1983 William Haag
2010 Nicole Janke 1982 Cora Catt
2009 Dr. Jerry Farley 1982 Gerald Christensen
2009 Bill Moore 1982 Adabelle Haughawout
2008 William (Bill) Sneed 1981 Ed Love
2007 Randy Austin 1981 Ed Podmore
2006 Debra Clayton 1981 Doris West
2005 Jeanne Clark 1980 Beth & Irwing Sheffel
2004 Dr. Larry J. Bradford 1979 Ray Browning
2003 Melissa Masoner 1979 Winnie Crapson
2003 Lorean Williams 1979 Virginia Lundy
2002 Tom Schwartz 1979 Richard Thornburg
1999 Jamesina Evans 1978 Bill Drenner
1998 G. Joseph Pierron 1977 Thomas Clevenger
1997 Maureen Weiss 1977 O’Thene Leonard
1996 Mary Ann Hamilton 1976 Ruth Buckwalter
1995 LeeAnn Eckert 1976 Lou Falley
1995 Phyllis Todd 1975 Grant Cushinberry
1994 Billie Hall 1975 Bonnie Purnell
1993 Rita Wolf 1974 Joan Duncan
1992 Joseph Thompson 1974 Virginia Feeley
1991 Gary Livingston 1974 Dr. Kenneth Godfrey
1990 John Stauffer 1974 Dr. Karl Menninger
1989 Marg Roberts 1973 Peggy Greene
1988 Mary Alice Beach 1973 Twink Lynch
1988 Bob Petro 1973 Catharine Menninger
1987 Eldon Danenhauer 1973 Patricia Morris
1987 Helen Hocker 1973 Marge Parker
1987 Jane Patrick 1973 Jackie Stroud

2023 Community Volunteer Award Winner, Greg Greenwood, designated his gift to be split between Washurn University Alumni Association & Foundation, Salvation Army of Topeka, Capper Foundation, and State Street Elementary School.

2022 Community Volunteer Award Winner, Tara Dimick, designated her gift to the Junior League of Topeka to support child welfare.

2021 Community Volunteer Award Winner, Melissa Brunner, designated her gifts to the Helping Hands Humane Society, The Topeka Rescue Mission and Community Action, Inc. for the Diaper Depot.

2020 Community Volunteer Award Winner, Patti Mellard, designated her gifts to STARS and the YWCA’s Center for Safety & Empowerment for their efforts to end human trafficking.

2019 Community Volunteer Award Winners, Glendon & Sara Wilhelm, designated their gift to Party with a Purpose.

2018 Community Volunteer Award winner, Marlou Wegener, designated her gift to the Topeka Civic Theatre.

2016 Community Volunteer Award winner, Kenneth R. Scott, designated the Boys and Girls Club of Topeka as the recipients of his winning donation.

2015 Community Volunteer Award winner, Sue Edwards, designated CASA of Shawnee County, a past Junior League of Topeka project, to receive her winning donation.

Our 2014 Community Volunteer Award winner, Jude Quinn, designated the organization he co-founded, Silverbacks, to receive his winning donation. 

In 2013, Community Volunteer Award winner Debra Clayton designated the Doorstep to receive her winning donation.

In 2012, Community Volunteer Award winner Betty Lou Pardue designated the Helping Hands Humane Society to receive her winning donation.

In 2011, Community Volunteer Award winner Charles Moore designated the Kansas Children’s Discovery Center to receive his winning donation.

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