Gold Rose Award

The Gold Rose Award honors a sustaining member of the Junior League of Topeka for their ongoing positive impact on our community. It is the most prestigious award given by The Junior League of Topeka to honor someone who has used their league training to contribute to the betterment of the Topeka Community. The Gold Rose Award began in 1971 when awarded to Elizabeth “Betty” Edson Bowers. Although Betty is no longer with us, her skills, volunteer service, and dedication to improving our community are remembered each year as we honor another exceptional Sustaining League Member.

Congratulations to our 2022 Honoree, Joanne Harrison!



1971     Elisabeth Edson Bowers (Mrs. Eugene L)

1972     Julia Jencks Abrahams (Mrs. John H.)

1973     Mary Curry Cohoon (Mrs.Frank)

1974     Marjorie Crane Schnacke (Mrs. Donald P.)

1975     Nancy Gemmill Cherry (Mrs. Arthur, Jr.)

1976     Margaret Hazard Beers (Mrs. Ray, Jr.)

1977     Carolyn Kline Alexander (Mrs. S.K., Jr.)

1978     Marcia Cole Saville (Mrs. A. Harold, Jr.)

1980     Bette McGehee Morris (Mrs. Mark, Jr.)

1981     Jackie Campbell Petersen (Mrs. Weldon “Don”)

1982     Marion Colton Vernon (Mrs. C. Altee, Jr.)

1983     Dorothy Anderson Johnson

1984     Jeanne Carpenter Morris (Mrs. M.C.)

1985     Marianne Anderson Wilkinson (Mrs. John)

1986     Jane Akers Forney (Mrs. Robert H.)

1987     Nancy Jasperson Perry (Mrs. Kenneth)

1988     Joyce Gladfelter Alberg (Mrs. Ed)

1989     Kathleen Caviness Ruediger

1990     Carol Miller Mueller (Mrs. Arnold)

1991     Connie Hall Hubbell (Mrs. Patrick)

1992     Alicia Laing Salisbury (Mrs. John)

1993     Blanche Williams Parks (Mrs. Sherman, Jr.)

1994     Marsha Martin Sheahan (Mrs. William)

1995     Betty Bubb Dicus (Mrs. Jack)

1996     Harriet Perry Sloan (Mrs. Eldon)

1997     Julie Elting Schloetzer (Mrs. Robert)

1998     Pam Russell Alexander (Mrs. Ken)

1999     Karen Peterson Welch (Mrs. Thomas)

2000     Judy Bray Stone (Mrs. John)

2001     Beth Fontron Fager (Mrs. Duane)

2002     Ruth Granger Stauffer (Mrs. John)

2003     Linda Cann Falley (Mrs. Michael)

2004     Marilyn Strobel Ward (Mrs. Howard)

2005     Patsy Paulsen Congrove (Mrs. Robert)

2006     Marcia Cassidy (Mrs. Michael)

2007     Lois Kinney Dimmitt (Mrs. Lawrence)

2008     Judith Stuenkel Soule (Mrs. Ed)

2009     Helen Gardner Crow (Mrs. Daniel)

2010     Linda Nolan Polly (Mrs. Richard)

2011     Pam Bahner Ferrell (Mrs. Dean)

2012     Leah Gabler Marshall (Mrs. H.B.)

2013     Jane Metzger (Mrs. Stan)

2014     Jeanie Schuler

2015     Carrie Riordan (Mrs. Pat)

2016     Susan Garlinghouse (Mrs. B Kent)

2017     Julie Connor

2018    Jeanne Elder

2019    Vicki Schmidt

2021     Jenay Weekly

2022    Joanne Harrison



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