Our Supporters

With sincere thanks and appreciation, the Junior League of Topeka takes pride in knowing our community, alongside the individuals and businesses that support our mission and reasoning for the fundraising we conduct annually.

Thank you to our Supporters:










Haley DaVee     Brenda Zimmerman     Britt Trier      Shanna Dunn-Vigare     Marcia Cassidy         Liz Blakely      Abbie Carlson      Bette Morris    Joyce Alberg     Mary Anderson      Dianne Farmer      Judy Soule      Kim Wilson    Jan Michel    Jessica Samuels Pam Alexander       Janet Kerr      Patricia Miller      Joan Wiksten     Charlotte Adair     Marsha Sheahan     Bev Menninger     Penny Lumpkin    June McMaster    Sandy Vogel    Sharon Boranyak    Jeanne Elder   Mary Schmidgall   Annie Schilling   Chelsa Rogers   Maura Gathers   Lacey Bisnett   Laura Harrison   Brittany Osborne   Heather Scott   Jodi Boyd   Jodi Sieve  Madeline Lambing  Jeri Billings-Carpenter   Shannon Little  Rockell Otero

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