Diaper Depot

Diaper Need

Diapers for one infant can cost up to $100 per month for an adequate supply.  For some families this can be up to 6% of their monthly income.  Many families are forced to choose between food on the table or diapering a child.

Children who are not properly diapered are at risk for infection and other health issues that are caused by spending an extended amount of time in a soiled diaper.  Children who are in soiled diapers for extended periods of time are also at a higher risk of child abuse as the child is likely to be irritable, cranky and often sore from diaper rash or other infection.  Caregivers are likely to experience lack of sleep, irritability and depression from the inability to provide diapers for the child and dealing with a cranky child.

Many child care facilities require parents to provide disposable diapers and if a parent is unable to provide those diapers care cannot be provided making it difficult for the parent to find employment and forcing them to remain in a continued state of economic instability.

Diaper Depot

Junior League of Topeka started Diaper Depot in 2012. During the first year, we collected diapers and monetary donations equaling over 50,000 diapers. The Junior League of Topeka started distributing diapers in May 2013. Since then, we have distributed diapers to 100 families each month in the Topeka community at Let’s Help.

During the 2015-2016 League year, Diaper Depot distributed 102,600 diapers and helped an estimated 1000 children. We successfully partnered with Community Action to begin distributing diapers to more families in need.

Diaper Need Awareness Week

Every year we celebrate Diaper Need Awareness Week to spread awareness about how families struggle to provide enough diapers for their children. This year DNAW is September 26th through October 2nd.   During this week, look for Junior League of Topeka members to be out in the community hosting drives. You can support this event by donating at a drive, dropping off diapers to a permanent drop off location, or making a monetary donation through our website.

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